Inman Passes New Incentives Package

Inman City Council adopts new economic development incentives package

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

INMAN, KS – At the June 11th Inman City Council meeting, councilmembers approved a new economic development incentive program aimed at both attracting new businesses to the community and promoting growth amongst existing businesses. Councilmember Darin Pote said of the new incentives, “This is just another step in working to grow Inman. We have the available land and now we have a competitive incentive package to go along with it.” The City of Inman owns 45.1 acres of land that it purchased in 2016 for the purpose of providing space for new growth, both commercially and residentially.

The recently passed incentive program provides three tiers of possible abatements based on a project’s size and the number of jobs it will create. These different tiers of tax abatements are also open for use by existing businesses looking to expand either their facilities or workforce. Economic Development Director Zach Davidson said, “The City wanted to design this incentive package to be used to help attract new businesses but also to help spur growth within the already existing commercial base in town. I think both of these goals were accomplished.”

Coupled with the tax abatements, the new incentive program also provides assistance for projects that require new water and sewer utilities. Based on a project’s size, the City will cover a portion of the cost for certain aspects of running the required water and sewer lines. “This will help manage and decrease the cost of any potential commercial construction projects that come to Inman.” Dennis Schroeder, Inman City Councilmember said. “We already have great infrastructure here in town and we have the capacity to expand that infrastructure to any new construction.”

For questions or more information, please contact Zach Davidson, Economic Development Director, Inman Community Development, Inc at 620-712-1234 or via email at You can also contact Inman City Hall via phone at 620-585-2122.

Inman Community Development, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping the community of Inman grow by providing support to existing businesses, recruiting new industries, and working on housing challenges.

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